99 Cent Books – September 16-17 2017

Great bargain books for you!

The books listed on this page are 99c on September 16-17 2017 (US time), and often at other times as well (please verify the price before you buy).

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Killer Music: A Cooper Harrington Detective Novel (Cooper Harrington Detective Series Book 1) by [Grace, Tammy L]  Under Witch Moon (Moon Shadow Series Book 1) by [Schneider, Maria E.]  Misbehaving (A Missy Rae Mystery Book 1) by [Mallory, Ava]  Embalmed (A Brad Frame Mystery Book 6) by [Flynt, Ray]  Moonlight, Roses & Murder: A Paranormal Mystery/Romance (An Adult Paranormal Romance Book 1) by [Moulton, Lorri]

The Truth About Alex (Montana Marrenger Book 1) by [Griffith, M.W.]  Masterpiece of Murder (The Charlotte Ross Mysteries Book 2) by [Cullet, Evelyn]  Forgotten by [Carr, Neven]

Deadly Revelations: Stories about Love & Murder by [Ottini, John D.]  Dark Past (A Cooper & Quinn Mystery Book 2) by [Lee, Catherine]  Deadly Fun: (Woman Sleuth vs: Mafia) by [Richter, Pamela M.]  The Dream Home (Pinewood Bay Mystery Book 1) by [Chimes, Kristoff]

Echo: (A Kate Redman Mystery: Book 6) (The Kate Redman Mysteries) by [Grace, Celina]  Spellbound Starry Hollow Sampler by [Chase, Annabel]  Ghost of a Chance (Maggie Mulgrew Mysteries Book 1) by [Dean, Cate]  Zombie Fling (Zee Town Paranormal Cozy Mystery Series Book 3) by [O'Connor, K.E.]

Who Murdered Garson Talmadge (A Matt Kile Mystery Book 1) by [Bishop, David]    Sex Tape: A Scandalous Softboiled Detective Mystery/Thriller by [Simmons, Shane]  Stuck in the Middle Witch You (A Middle Witch Mystery Book 1) by [Finch, Danielle]

"Dying to Be Beautiful" Mystery Series: Fake Beauty / Fat Free by [Rosen, M. Glenda]  Misdiagnosis . . . Murder by [Nicholson, Lyle]


On the Side of the Angel: A Bartering Angel Story by [Core, J. David]  Serenity Stalked (The Shelby Alexander Thriller Series Book 2) by [Hart, Craig A.]  The Feminine Touch: a serial killer thriller by [Chambers, V. J.]  INCOGNOLIO by [Sussman, Michael]

Hallelujah Is Dying (Flint Harrington Mysteries Book 1) by [Arches, Michael]  Sick, Sicker, Sickest (A Chloe Daniels Mystery) (The Chloe Daniels Mysteries Book 1) by [Green, Deidra D. S.]  Call Sign: Wrecking Crew Storm Warning (Book 1 in the Call Sign: Wrecking Crew series) by [McKoy, David, Lynn Hallbrooks]

A Time For Penance by [Storey, Robin]  Adrenaline Rush (A Christy Spy Novel Book 1) by [Hogan, Cindy M.]  The Art of Fear (The Little Things That Kill Series Book 1) by [Crane, Pamela]

Deadly Sins: An organized crime thriller by [Read, Laura]  White Horse (Dark Paradigm Book 1) by [Tinsiano, Jay, Newton, Jay]  The Devil's Due: A Thriller by [Beyer, L.D.]  Mister Miracle: A Thailand Suspense Thriller by [Lewis, Carey]

Anxiety: Episodes 1 through 6 - A Tale of Murder, Mystery and Romance (A Smoke and Mirrors Book) by [Thomson, H. D.]  Running in Heels: Stealing a fortune is easy, keeping it is murder by [Hardesty, Steven]  The Withered Rose (The Order of the Black Rose) by [Penny BroJacquie]  The Aquarius Prophecy: A Conspiracy Thriller (Isa Floris Book 1) by [Hirst, Evan]

Deceits of Borneo (Mac Ambrose Book 2) by [Wake,HN]  The Lost Days: Book 2, The MisFit Series by [Plum, AB]