For Authors

Please read this page carefully before you attempt to contact me.

March – 99 cent books – March 17-18 sign up here

April – to be determined

I’m not sure about April. These promos are costing me time and money, and I may discontinue doing them if I can’t get the email costs down. I will keep you posted.

If there is no active link above, register your interest for future promos at the bottom of this page.

There is no cost to take part in these promos. Your small donation would be appreciated, or if you’d like, you can thank me by buying one of my books. Alternatively, click that link and do your shopping 😛 or you can make a small donation on this page.

How Does It Work

(If you’re not familiar with this type of promo, please Read The Instructions!!!)


1. The site:

I put up a bunch of books that are either free or 99c. See the home page and past promos for examples.

2. Social media:

I have a mailing list over 18k, over 2,000 likes on my Facebook page, and over 15k followers on Twitter. I will promote to these.
Someone else likes Facebook and is in a bunch of groups
Someone is really good at G+
Or Reddit
Or Instagram
Or has a following on another forum (like Mobilereads)
Or has a mailing list

We all post the link to the promo at the social media outlets of our choice on the day(s) of the promo. We like/retweet/repost each other’s posts.

3. The proof:

The May promo had over 600 sales, many authors reported 15-20 sales. Many also said they’d gotten sales of books that normally don’t sell at all.

The June free promo had over 49,000 clicks; most authors had between 1-2,000 clicks. Most authors reported lots of downloads and sales of other books.

The July box set promo was smaller, but we registered over 1400k clicks and authors reported a boost in sales and huge drops in their book’s Amazon ranks (a lower number is better).

August received over 14,000 downloads for all authors. Many authors reported hitting the top 10 in free bestseller lists.

September performed better than May with 99 cent books. Almost 2,000 clicks to book pages, and over 600 sales. Many also said they’d gotten sales of books that normally don’t sell at all.

October had a smaller amount of books, but participating authors saw a large amount of downloads – almost 14,000 clicks overall.

November had a large amount of books, and we had over 3,000 clicks to the books, and several hundred sales.

December had 17,ooo+ clicks and authors reported getting into top 10 in sub-genres. Some authors saw 500-1,000 downloads.

January had over 2,000 clicks, and lots of sales. Sales varied from one or two copies sold to over 30 or more.

And so on…

4. The rules:

Books must be Mystery or Thriller. Sub-genres are fine, but no erotica.
If a paid promo, they must be full-length novels (otherwise 99c isn’t much of a deal).
Books must be presented well: nice cover, nice blurb, nice writing. I reserve the right to refuse books that don’t make the grade. I am not picky, but if an entry is obviously not ready, I will not post it.
No minimum reviews or star rating.
Enter a different book with each promo. ONE BOOK PER PROMO

There is NO COST to the author, but you MUST be willing to post to your mailing list and/or use your social media outlets to participate.

5. Register for the next promo (if you haven’t done so before):

Go to the form at the bottom of this page.

Enter your email address and name. Hit “subscribe”. I’ll notify you when the entry form is up. That list is how I communicate. Please do not email or PM me to subscribe.

6. The Facebook group

The promo authors have a Facebook group where we chat about the promo and about promoting Mystery and Thriller books in general.

Once you’re on the list, reply to any email with the email address that you use for Facebook

7. What’s in it for me:

I’m not charging for this, but I hope to sell more books this way, and I believe in paying it forward.

And I’m not very good at promoting on social media, other than Facebook, but I do have a big email list. I think we can help each other.

Disclosure: I DO use my Amazon affiliate tags on the promos. So there may be some small benefit in it for me, mostly to cover the times and costs of managing all this 🙂

Registration to be notified of future promos:

I will email you when the registration form opens. You will enter all the details about the titles there. I don’t take entries in any other form.